In the ‘Rear View’!

In The ‘Rear View’

BR Chitwood


How do people handle the ‘rear view’ of their lives? The good, the bad, the ugly?

Not a simple question!

In fact, there are millions, I’m guessing, that give very little thought to the paths they take in life, not that necessarily should be considered a ‘negative’…some know very early in life where they want to be, what they want to be doing, and a reasonable calculation as to when they will arrive at their chosen spot…I’m guessing Graham Bell, Thomas Edison. and Albert Einstein were among those millions along with some noted newscasters, sports announcers, and movie stars. I’m guessing as well that the ‘deep thinkers’ at times have ‘brain outage’ and show they are human.

With so many billions of people in the world, one would think there would be more human disasters, more homicides, more thievery, more bedlam. Of course, people seek shelter from the storms and from the refuse of society. At times, there are criminal events that take us to our knees – the senseless murders, rapes, property damage, and government malfeasance. As strange as it might seem, these terrible crimes, with the passage of time, seem to settle into ‘a way of life’, an acceptance of the dark passing moments.

What is this gibberish intending to convey? A component, and perhaps a component which has not arrived at this point in our history. It seems we try this system, say, Marxism, and find during its path that people do not wish to conform to its rigid rule of ‘take what is given to you’ – money that is controlled…

Schools controlled by the most absurdly funded Educational Association are to be taught ‘Gender ‘Education’ in apparently all of its guises – ‘boy becomes girl/girl becomes boy’, at times, a ritual that allow one or the other to compete in sports contests once only open to ‘boys’ and/or to ‘girls’.

Some of us feel this is madness, feel this is a government rushing into directions that will have costly future effects.

We are a Democracy! Our ‘Constitution’ is a sacred piece of that democracy, and we are dribbling it around like it was a basketball. We have leaders in our seats of government that listen to their benefactors and are paid handsomely to sing the tunes of their masters…every little piece of demeaning Democratic paper given up is an insult to our founders and patriots who died in war battles for our independence and Democracy.

Back in my college days, the emphases were always on registering historical truth in the minds of my classmates. Our revered professors listened to our words, squared them with our historic documents, and seemed pleased we were in line with our democratic principles.

Today, so many of our colleges and universities face blatant attempts at destroying our democracy.

The undocumented flow of people across our southern borders is no longer alarming! It is horrifying in so many ways.

I ‘bitch and moan’ a lot these days!  My age plays a part in that – our bright and wonderful children love our country, and it is for them I write my patriotic feelings.

Can we not just abide by an ‘A-B-C’ formula?

A: America B: Bows to Freedom C: Crown the Good


BR Chitwood – June 6, 2022


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