The Lucky Ones Who Get It!

“The Lucky Ones Who Get It!”

The Lucky Ones Who Get It!

By BR Chitwood

Who are the lucky ones?

Who is asking? And, Why?

Me! I’m asking because the world presents itself in so many faces, metaphysically, and otherwise.

I’m asking because, somehow in the ‘draw’, I was given a mind that skitters here and yon, pondering events, lives, and consequences of why we live, how we came to live, what ultimate purpose(s) and contribution(s) we give in our living on this sphere orbiting the space we know so little about. I applaud the Scientists and giants of information for sharing.

I’m asking because there are good and honest people who believe in a Deity, people who live by the words in their sacred books that chart their religious dicta.

I’m asking because there are high-ranking scholars who are non-believers in a Deity, who believe that two giant Stars collided and produced all living things, so finely tuned and integrated as to precisely define a new life in a period of nine months.

In College Philosophy courses I learned from the philosophers – Confucious, Aristotle, Socrates, Dante, Plato, Pascal, Kant, et al, and the principles they followed… Generally, and because I only have an AB Degree (tee-hee), the gist of what I got from College Philosophy was that most philosophers believed we should establish goals to live by, to be the best at what we wish to be, and try for harmony in all of our efforts.

Noble goals, for sure. One philosopher, Leibniz, if I remember correctly, suggested our earth was but a pillow on a sofa in another world – he was the ‘Monad’ man, and I guess I’m saying that ‘Philosophy was not my favorite subject’! I’m likely being unkind, but the professor read his lectures from a book…nice man, however – a minister, I believe.

There were class discussions about the ‘Monad being the major unit of existence’, about a ‘tree falling in the forest’ and, ‘was there sound in  the falling of the tree if no one was around to hear it?

Putting aside curriculum, foggy data, and the New Testament stories of Jesus and his disciples, it was a course which opened some short corridors in my mind – as much as was possible with my genetic tools.

In short, what my college experience, my degree, and some short teaching stint gave me was some modest relief from the negativity regarding my Appalachian heritage. In some ways it modestly emboldened me and pushed me on toward a most interesting life, filled with love, pretty ladies, neon lights, acting, and too much soul searching.

So, what is it I am trying to write about here? The Earth’s origin? My part in the great plot of living? First cause? Chicken/Egg? God, or, a profound solar mystery?

Know what?

It does not matter… I’m writing.

And, writing is my mission!

BR Chitwood – May 10, 2021#

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8 thoughts on “The Lucky Ones Who Get It!”

  1. I love this Billy Ray. In the end, writing is our mission. Because within our writing we can ask the questions that keep flipping through our mind through our characters! By the way, I may have had the same philosophy professor. Ha ha. Not my favorite subject. 🤨

    Liked by 1 person

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