Mistakes, Sins, and Other Lies

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Mistakes, Sins, and Other Lies

BR Chitwood


Where be the truths of all life’s ventures?

Through all the years in trespassing history

Are the arcane mutterings of fools and geniuses…

It is we who must find the true and false meanings

Of the lives we are living, the awkward moves we make,

The effects of the words we say and the steps we take…

It is we who are the final arbiters of our living.

It is we who determine the good and the bad moves we make,

The decisions, good and bad, that determine our ultimate fates.


We read our Bible and books of ‘Ancient philosophers’.

We study in classrooms, listen to teachers, respected professors

Whom we expect to know the answers to all our questions or

Will refer us to others who might possess knowledge we want.

We choose our paths to wander and discover, only to question

Our wisdom of the choice. So many will find satisfaction with

The direction they’ve taken and will stay the course to success

And a chosen career that makes them happy, feeling they have

Arrived at their special place of comfort and success.


Others who have not the positive experiences, those who wander in

And out of choices because of low mental acuity and/or a lack of

Ambition, curiosity, and drive…it is from this aggregate that most of

Society’s problems arise, not to say problems do not come from the

Former…or, from our elite group of Politicians, all seemingly coming

From the field of Law and order, the Military – and, a few those from

The business ranks find politics to their liking. For the most part, this

Latter group does wish to perform their duties honestly for the good of

Their particular constituencies and/or for noble reasons.


Then, there is Joe Biden!

Consider him, unwise and wobbly.


Then, there is EYE!

A ‘Romantic’ all my life – a member of a group who should ‘rule the world’… Or, NOT!



These idling words by: BR Chitwood


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Wistful Wandering

BR Chitwood


Over gentle hills of gnarled oaks and precise flowers

I wander the small hamlet of my birth…the old

Cemetery kept uncluttered without weeds and trash.

The simple grave markers share little about the people

Who built their homes, tilled their acres of rich soil,

Their Major income source from a Sawmill, two small

Stores, a school, and a church…


Here in ‘Sunset’ I find that this wistful wandering comes

With some regularity – not as a ‘menace’ – more of

Some sense of ‘completion’ with a hope of seeing again

My Mother, My Sister, My Father, all the friends I’ve

Met along the way, and our wonderful children. About

That sense of ‘completion’: I have created no world-changing

 Inventions, no major works of art…


Along with some bad decisions and mistakes in my life, I have

Written twenty-one books in many genres, some based on

True events – mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, some memoirs,

 And over 375 blog posts on numerous subjects, plus Poetry, Flash

Fiction, Short Stories… How good are the books/words I write? I’ve

  had some great 5-Star Reviews…they are great reading.

I have done a lousy job of launching, marketing, and selling. This I

can write, humbly: I found so much of me in the writing.


by BR Chitwood – June 7, 2021

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