Urgency of Purpose



Urgency of Purpose

By: BR Chitwood


A ‘lofty word’!

For many inhabitants of a country under a red, white, and blue flag of ‘Democracy’, Patriotism lives within them like the air they breathe, in their prayers at the end of a long day of commerce and labor… They still carry the cherished memory of a dad, son, daughter, uncle, cousin, friend who died in a war to preserve a remarkable system of government by and for the free and liberated people of a nation born of immigrants, spilled blood, and honorable ideals.

It is difficult to find consensus of ideas among people of different origins, and, at times, we hold elections to choose people to run departments of our national, state, and local government.

On November 3, 2020, there will be national voting for President of the United States. This election has been tabbed as one of the most significant elections in our US history… I believe this is true!


The Conservative Right offers us four more years of our current President, Donald J. Trump. Professing not to be part of the Washington DC establishment, not the eloquent and polished orator, not a Politician, but a man of the people who can – and, does – get things done.

The Truth is there in his record…

The country can boast that its economy numbers and accomplishments are the best in our nation’s history.

Employment and Job numbers are at their highest in history.

New ‘Trade Deals’ with Canada, Mexico…

Wall nearing completion on our Southern borders with Mexico – protecting against ‘illegal aliens’ crossing into our country.

Minorities are doing better than at any time in our history.

Military Readiness and Equipment under President Trump are ‘State of the Art’.

Foreign Policy achievements include new treaties in the Middle East… ISIS defeated… The US Embassy now has its home in Jerusalem… The Military is now bringing soldiers home from the foreign ‘local war’ outposts… Pull-Out from ‘The Paris Accord’, ‘The Iran Deal’, ‘The World Health Organization’ because of China’s favorable domination of that group.

Et Al!


Covid-19 (China’s Gift to the World!) was not the fault of our good president, and, despite all the ‘Left’s’ positioning on the issue, Donald J. Trump, has done a super job in all areas trying to control this pandemic. Quickly after the virus reached the US, President Trump stopped all travel from china to our country.

Since then he has done anything and everything sensible in stopping this killer virus. The cure and the vaccine for this awful plague is just weeks away – maybe, days away. It is incredibly naïve and sophomoric by the Left to be blaming the president… In less than a year, likely, we will have defeated this Virus. President Trump has been indefatigable in all of his efforts on behalf of the citizens of our country.


The ‘Liberal Left’ offers us in this election an agenda with a strong ‘Socialistic Leaning’…

Open borders with all freebies, rights and privileges for those illegals coming into our country…

Free healthcare for all…

A ‘Green New Deal’ with candidate Biden estimating its cost at $100Trillion (Not so bad if you say it fast!) …

Taxes that even wipe out ‘Zebra Stripes’…

More Schumer and Pelosi ‘do-nothing’ hatred for President Trump and the ‘Right’…

More constant carping about a ‘Liberal Left’ that no longer exists and a strong input from Socialist-leaning members of their Party…and, did I mention more hatred of President Donald J. Trump? …

And, if elected, coming soon to your ‘suburban living’ a free mix of business and housing…


I should feel more conciliatory in my old age, but this ‘stuck Dem record’ is driving me crazy…


BR Chitwood – October 27, 2020

(A Weeping Old Man! – It shows, huh?)


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