Serpent Rock

Announcement of BR Chitwood’s New Novel:

“Serpent Rock

-A Science-Fiction battle between Good & Evil-

Three enterprising young men go deep-sea fishing on their beloved ‘Sea of Cortez’ and find more than their bright minds and Derring-do could ever imagine. Their lives will be altered by a higher wisdom of noble purpose and design, and they will be ever diligent and possessed by the knowledge from the sea.


Serpent Rock‘coming soon’ early January 2020 novel is somewhat of a departure for this author as his previous books have occupied themes of love, romance, mystery, suspense, memoir, many of which have their fiction coming from real life tragedy and truth.

“Serpent Rock” is essentially a book about ‘good and evil’, about life’s always present decisions of choice, about faith and love, about mortal destination when the body can no longer carry its burdens…about some of the issues we are encountering in today’s world

For the reader who likes action and excitement in their books, who wish to be on the edge of their seats in situational scenes, this book will not disappoint. For those who like Science-Fiction, this book will not disappoint. For those who want originality in their reading experience, Serpent Rock will not disappoint.

“Serpent Rock” is the author’s mind exploration of items on life’s endless menu of possibilities, an attempt to entertain his reading audience with a few fresh strokes of his pen.  Suffice it to say, the author had much fun in writing this novel and hopes that its content will amuse and, to some degree, enlighten the readers.

-BR Chitwood-



Jimminy, where do I begin. It’s so complex, this writing business, and I’m such a simple guy. The story is all going to sound so darned far-fetched, but, what the heck, might as well go from the start because if there was ever a story that needed to be told, it’s this story…darn betcha.

Conrad, Monroe, and I were deep sea fishing in Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez, far and away from the shoreline. With binoculars you could see the old ship wreckage that people in the village were apt to tell about to anyone who would listen. It was the kind of story you could embellish and put so many faces on it that it would become a story that could, and, would turn out to be a classic.

That’s not the story I’m about to write out for you in this old, stained notebook that’s been water-soaked, dried several times, lumpy from those fishing trips. It’s not because I can’t afford a new notebook, surely can, but this is the notebook on which this story has got to be written.

No, the story I’m about to write down is one you won’t believe, and I’m here to tell you, there won’t be any fault I’m finding with your disbelief. In fact, I’m going to come to some parts I don’t even believe myself. But, there’s a ‘but’, and, that is, this little tale happened for sure. You can drink to that, and my hope is you do some toasting with whatever kind of drinking you do to commemorate my telling you this mad, mad, ‘believe it or not’ yarn.

In the end, you would likely want some proof that any of what I’ll be writing down really happened. Well, know this up front, there is not going to be any proof, but you can check me ‘up and down’ from ‘sea to shining sea’, any sources you want, and you’re going to find I’m a man of my word – in this case, many words.

Guess what? It’s quite alright if your doubting the veracity of my tale leads you to ‘guffaw’ and curse me, because it is that kind of tale. Just take my word, this happened to a certainty what I’m about to write here. When I say write, I’m being literal, holding an old stubby pencil between my fingers and writing. I’m going to have some sore digits on my left hand, for sure. I’m one of them left-handed fellows who just took to my left-hand when I was a young fellow growing up.

I suspect it’s only fair that I tell you, people have accused me of being long-winded, but they caveat it by saying that I’m a truthful man and don’t know of me ever telling a lie. Now, sure, that pleases me. That long-winded stuff comes natural for me because of my family upbringing. My lovable old grandpappy was forever telling me tales about his life on the sea and I guess that got into my blood.

Except for a mild expletive here and there you won’t be finding much in the way of foul language and no porno-business. People will say I tell tall, long tales but they are for the most part clean tales. Those same people tell me that I alliterate an awful lot as well.

Anyway, I’ve got to get this story on paper, bad as the soiled paper is, because it’s an unbelievable yarn by anybody’s standard. It’s not for me to say it will be well-written, but I’m going to try very hard to make as few mistakes as I can. I’ve never been a grammar-hog, and I’m not going to start now. That’s what we students called our English teacher in high school – well, Sullivan (Sully, to you folks reading this) – where else would an English teacher be but in a school?

There I go, getting wrapped up in my own words, or, my own nonsense.

Well, it just came to me I’m being long-winded and should be getting to the story I’m here to tell you.

Well, hang on, ‘cause here we go…

(End of Sample)

BR Chitwood – December 20, 2019


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