Ah, Arizona and the Muse! AND,NEW BOOKS!

Arizona and the Muse! And, New Books!

Finally feeling my body coming back from the five-day cross-country drive from Kentucky to the desert that I love! A few pains here and there, a few errands to take care of errata – can I call DMV, Doctors, Medications, et al errata? Well, guess I just did that.

However, my new Science-Fictions book, warts and all, is coming out this month, and it was an absolute ‘gas’ to write – are people still using, ‘gas’ as a ‘happy word’?

The scary part is now here for me – launching, marketing, making the waves needed to get reading folks of the genre reading my humble effort…tell you what! Now, I like everythng I write, but this one is really special because I get to let it ‘all hang out’ with SERPENT ROCK – are people still using the phrase, ‘all hang out’? Well, it’s all okay if people are not using it – hell, they know I’m an ‘old geezer’ anyhow – are people still using ‘old geezer’ these days. Those new and ‘blood-vein’ tiny auto-tanks the Med-People will needle into all the body blood routes of a person’s body are hopefully just about ready to start generating new fresh new blood cells ven got those little ‘bugger-tanks’ to shove tenderly into the veins to cure cancer, ‘arthur’, all kinds of diseases and ailments…shucks, folks, those micro-bio researchers are going to challenge immortality, but not to worry, it won’t be the ‘Frankenstein’ way. 

But, hang on, SERPENT ROCK is not to be forgotten here. It is brand new and a virtual sizzler of a book, meaning it’s got thrills, chills, and three enterprising young businessmen who find more than ‘Groupers and Marlin’ on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Readers liking some chilling moments, excitement that will make you lose some sleep because they won’t want to wait to find out what happens next. SERPENT ROCK has it all: a massive battle between ‘Good and Evil’, assassination attempts, and maybe, just, maybe, a small tad of super story telling. So, please BUY the Kindle or Paperback, and, I’ll give you your money back if you don’t like the book – that’s providing you can find me! But, seriously, I do honestly believe it is very good book, and, my first venture into Sci-Fi. Please help me market this little ‘puppy’, will you, good people? I promise, you will enjoy SERPENT ROCK. Here’s the cover image of the ‘new kid on the block’… Okay, no more cute little euphemisms that have outlived their time.


Now, if it’s okay with you since I now have your attention, I would like to mention another of my books, A BAILEY CRANE MYSTERY. The title of the first book in the series of six is: AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY. 

AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY is a novel very close to my heart and ‘soul’, a book inspired by a brutal murder many years ago of an actress friend of my wife and me. ‘Cathy Gibbs’ is the fictional name used in the book, but this twenty-six year old actress and model, mother of two, went missing for nearly a month during an Arizona August Summer. When two kids were ‘rock hunting’, they found her under some Palo Verde trees in the NE section of Phoenix, that August record heat and the denizens of the desert left investigators virtually nothing in the way of evidentiary clues. 

AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY was my fictional attempt at closure for my friend. She was the lady who nudged me into acting – nothing monumental, just TV commercials, some film, still modeling, and a play performance. Cathy was also a secretary for some my attorney buddies during that period. Her friends were many, and there were some popular ‘boy friend’ suspencts, all passing the infamous lie-detector tests.

 After all the years, the Phoenix Police Department would be most interested if anyone might have any information about this terrible crime, In my writing of this novel, I use the newspaper accounts at the time and the small amounts known prior and after the homicide. In my research, I found another lovely secretary in Wasington, DC, murdered in much the same manner as ‘Cathy’ one month earlier, so I wove my tale around those two homicides and solved the case – with the strong help of a strong lady cop I created in the book.

 Just recently, I did some rewrite for a paperback version of AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY coming out soon, either this month of February. The paperback has a different cover from its Kindle cousin and some rewriting here and there. It is a book I believe readers will thoroughly enjoy, and it has a lot of the real ‘Me’ in there. I hope you will read AN ARIZONA TRAGEDY and leave a review on Amazon. Here is the paperback’s new cover image.

An Arizona Tragedy

As always, I will appreciate any and all help you can give me with the launch of these two books.

My best wishes to all…

Billy Ray chitwood – January 15, 2020

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Introducing ‘Twenty-One Jack’ Poetry

Introducing ‘Twenty-One-Jack’ Poetry


Might I be so bold as to introduce you to my ‘Twenty-one Jack’? Simply put, it is a poem of your choice with twenty-one lines: rhyme, no-rhyme, free verse, simply, compressed poetic thoughts and feelings. I give you here my first attempt and hope you might enjoy trying it yourself.


“Ah, The Sting”


Ah, the sting of memory,

The gasp, the dip in sorrow,

All the loves of yesterday…


Time, the arbiter, the squire

Upon whose donkey for me

Rode the night’s pleasure…


Twas all a moment’s fancy

There in diluted memory,

All gone in morrow’s dawn…


Yet, still would I so linger

Among the music and mist

Perchance one dalliance left…


For fools exist for pleasure’s

Hopeful lingering at the trough

Of Bacchus eve’s merriment…


Only, now, wrinkled fantasies

Visit in grotesque dreams

That deny a relevance…


Still, tis good to know that

One’s life does not foretell

Mysteries yet beyond the veil…

Billy Ray Chitwood – May 13, 2019


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A Lingering Lament

A Lingering Lament

Those darn cows still aren’t home!

I’ve been at this writing business for much of my life, even taught the subject for a spell, and I’m not one to quit the battle without a proverbial last ditch effort, without showing yet another piece of me that is not so appealing… These are my three questions, one set directed to book readers, one set directed to authors – each set with auto-answers directed at both authors and readers.

First, to the READERS, let me ask you these three questions:

1) Do you like homemade apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

Heck, I’ll save you the trouble and answer myself. Tens of millions of you like homemade apple pie with a hearty scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The apples and the ice cream have to cost money – stores that I know don’t give them away.

Next question:

2) Do you enjoy going out to the movies, both drive-in and cinema houses?

Don’t mind, I’ll answer! tens of millions of you do! Otherwise, those Hollywood ‘Elites’ would be working regular jobs, or, getting rich on ‘Tell-All’ non-fiction books. I’m sure you pay for those movies, the popcorn, and candy.


Next question:

3) Can you afford those ‘apple pie/vanilla ice cream’ treats?

Again, I believe the answer is, “Sure! Wouldn’t eat the ‘apple pie/vanilla ice cream’ treats and go to the movies if tens of millions of us readers didn’t enjoy them and couldn’t afford them. 


Now, these three questions/my presumed answers to Authors:

1) How much time and effort do you put into writing your books and short stories and poetry – and, your blog posts!

Most of us would say: 24/7 if we include ‘not sleeping too well’ with ideas popping into our cranial network… really difficult to calculate the hours, but certainly more than a normal 8-hour work day.

Next question:

2) Do you consider yourself an excellent writer, an aspiring author, and/or, a rather mediocre writer?

 Okay, this is my guess… The self-publishing ranks have all of the above. Some should be on ‘Best Seller’ lists. Some are getting better at wordsmithing with each day they write. And, truth be told, there are really some bad writers in our midst, and there’s just not a whole lot to be done about that – we kid ourselves into thinking we’re great, but that is likely not the case.

 Last question:

3) Do you give your books away in hopes that the free reading experiences are going to lead to big sales?

On this question, I could be wrong… I don’t like giving away my books. If my blog posts, my free flash fiction pieces, my poetry, or, my free short stories do not give readers a clear enough depiction of my writing style so that they might buy my books, then it appears I’m not as good at writing as I need to be… Or, maybe, it’s a matter of ‘why buy’ when I can get books FREE! 

So, why the questions above?

Hopefully, to make us authors think twice about giving away so much of our souls. I know we must ‘also be a publisher’ as well as authors. I know we should do ‘mailing lists’ (which I do not! shame on me!), spread our marketing arms to embrace a multitude of  ‘book listing’ sites, shop for ‘reviews’, ‘author interviews’, tweeting, facebook, social media ad nauseam, ad infinitum, ad forever!!

If you’re young, even, middle-age, stay the course if you feel you’re good enough to be among the stellar authors. 

When you get a review like this one for my novel, “Mama’s Madness,” from someone I truly respect, it keeps me playing the odds a little longer…

on July 8, 2018

Mama’s madness is a work of fiction, but according to the author Billy Ray Chitwood, there are some inspirations from actual criminal behavior. This is a story about the meanest, lowlife, straight razor totin’ woman named Tamatha Preen. She is the mother of six kids and the ex-wife of four husbands. Although this seems a little abnormal in everyday life, compared to mama’s proclivities having four husbands is normal in comparison. Let’s say mama has some problems and as you can guess the children are the ones who bear the brunt of her mental issues. To describe any of the abusive behaviors would be courting spoilers, so I’m just going to summarize by saying mama is evil.

The writing in this story is so good the reader feels like a transportation into the scenes has taken place. The descriptions of people, places, and events are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Mr. Chitwood has been blessed with a golden pen (or keyboard). He can show the reader all the sights, sounds, and smells of each scene through a tapestry that only can be woven by a perfectionist literary genius. I think that pretty much describes Billy Ray Chitwood. He has honed his writing art, and there is no more exquisite example of the resulting output than this book. I would recommend Mama’s madness to anyone who enjoys a deeply disturbing story told effectively and with great taste.


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