Manipulation of the Worst Kind

“It is never wrong to be RIGHT!”

Manipulation of the Worst Kind

By BR Chitwood

Anyone remember the movie, Network? About a TV journalist who decried efforts of ‘Big Corp/Big Tech’ in their efforts to control the events, the ebb and flow of our lives?

Remember that journalist in the dark of night sticking   his head out of a window and yelling: “I’m sick and tired of all this manipulation, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” urging people to rebel against this warped conglomerate of big business, big tech, and crooked politicians who were dividing and changing the face of our country?

Sound familiar?

What am I suggesting?

How dare I suggest such an evil scenario?

Really, are these the groups deciding for us, the American citizenry, the currents of our lives

Okay, I have only the credentials of a United States citizen, a Veteran, aging, not too seriously relevant in anyone’smind these days, perhaps, never.

But a certain nerve recently went berserk pre and post in our 2020 Presidential Election. Usually, when my nerves go berserk, I go to my laptop and allow my fingers to do their dazzling merry dance among the keys…making sense, or, maybe, nonsense.

So, if you are of a mind to listen, to read my words, here is my short thesis…

The 2020 election year has presented some baffling anomalies, and, yes, Joe Biden is one huge anomaly!

Admittedly, my mind is not the sharpest, but, please, pray tell, how is it that a man who spent not his time on the campaign trail, but, rather, in the basement of his home, who finds it difficult to utter a simple sentence without his wife’s coaching whispers? ‘Come on, Man’, is this some colossal joke being played on the great American Electorate?

How is it that a man with forty-seven years in our US government, including eight years as Vice-President to Barack Obama, a man with no notably featured accomplishments in all those many years – unless we include as a feature ‘The China/Ukraine, et al’, all of the million dollar deals he made for family benefits? The blunders and gaffs by this public servant are too many to catalog…

How is it that this folksy man, Joe Biden, and his Socialist VP running mate, Kamala Harris, with her own history of guile and San Francisco chicanery, are at the entry level of our beloved White House?

How is it that these two people are about to replace one of the best presidents this country has known -with the best Economy in history, the best US GDP Growth Rate at 33.4%, best Job numbers, a soaring Stock Market, best Minority numbers, best foreign relations and Middle East Alliances – nominated three times for ‘Man of the Year’ award…on and on.

Can pronounced hatred of a president who eschews suave political rhetoric, a rare non-politician politician, be so vile as to allow the leaders of our country of over 360 million-plus people to carry out this miscarriage? Are the ‘Swamp People’ so consumed with loathing, wealth, and their agenda that they would have another ‘Civil War’?

There seems to be no doubt that the voting system is broken… With a country so filled with knowledge, how is it we cannot develop a ‘fail-safe’ voting system? A voting system that cannot be manipulated by dead people  voting, late ballots, lack of monitoring?

Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris, please find work in another government far away. Your Progressive Programs can not find roots on our sacred ground. Our government is run by the people and for the people…

It is my belief along with so many millions of Americans that this election was frought with fraudulent activities. For this American, there is no question due diligence must be rendered by the ‘Powers That Be’ to determine without doubt the voting verdict of the voting public

We must choose our Constitutional Caretakers carefully, never forgetting that the blood spilled by millions of our freedom-loving youth and patriots is the script for our venerated documents for governing our Republic.

Please do not defile our Democracy!

BR Chitwood – November 10, 2020

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