By BR Chitwood


From clean and washed minds, that is, from teachers of my past, elementary grades through college and beyond, from teachers of whom I can write these words with a modicum of certainty, this narrative comes to anyone who would want to read it – based on the events and factions today ruling our classrooms.

Foremost and generally accepted, we have devoted and principled teachers in our classrooms who wish to empower our children with history’s truthful events and doctrines, to teach our children the basics of Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies that were taught to them by the disciplined minds of patriotic teachers who did not slip in nuances of some country’s Socialist principles where power to dictate and rule come from wealthy and poisoned minds of the past, those who rule by tyranny…does ‘American Marxism’ ring a bell?

If ‘Marxism’ does not ring a bell, think of some of our new dialogues in the ‘higher circles’ – teaching young children in their beginning classrooms about this ugly phenomenon, about a boy becoming a girl so he can compete and win in ‘Women’s Sports’ and vice versa…changing ‘rest rooms’ into non-exclusive rooms for body functions but for ‘lighting up’ or ‘shooting up’ with drugs.

Okay, I did not know the horror of all this until I began to research some of the stuff I was reading and hearing about it on the television channels…too retired into my writing and movie watching.

It is real, folks, believe me. If you can do any data-type research on colleges and universities across out country, you will find out for yourselves. So many of our schools and Universities are into this ‘ugly business’ in a thick and nasty way. Our US Education Association is in lock-step with this new Marxism, and their big money we fork out to them make them all the more dangerous. This plague, if I may make this reference, is so much with us at this point in time – more than I can do any creditable penning of the issue here. However, it is real, and it is true, even in our national government, representatives who should not be part of decision making in our House and Senate but neither should they be in our country.

We are the United States of America, free and able to express our grievances, untethered, free to make our own choices of who runs our governments – state and national – free to choose our leaders, particularly the President of this great country, but how many of us believe this past election was a terrible slap in the face to our loyal citizens… Senility and power are strange and dangerous bed partners. This president and his VP should be, must be, replaced quickly. We need real and enforceable laws to contain the crime and evil that comes with our freedom, but we should have a diligent and true police presence everywhere to protect our great nation and its people.

I am just a citizen, but I love my country and its democratic policies, truly protected from graft and malfeasance.

God Bless the United States!


BR Chitwood May 19, 2022




Our Scarred World

Our Scarred World

BR Chitwood


Somewhere along the scarred and diverse political line there has got to come a civil and practical union of minds…minds that can see the distinction between schoolyard bullies, those who have been fed political slop of bias and wrong-working policies from one side of the spectrum from parents who argue parts of political problems without the Bona fides to succeed…and, of course, minds that can see more logical and compatible policies that help an entire nation – not, just those labeled with ‘blue’ alone, but those that can work for the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’.

I’m approaching that part of life where my living parameters are flashing with great neon awareness, where my political will and logic are weak and meager – not that they ever were so forceful in altering anyone’s assumptions on the blackboards of the two major forces who vie for our votes. I have never been this concerned about our nation as I am in the present. I see forces at work that could literally push our sacred ‘Life, Liberty, and Freedom’, our ‘Constitution of the United States’, our ‘Bill of Rights’, ‘Unity of Races’, all for which our proud men and women died for in our wars.

It seems to me all people – Blacks, Whites, Asians, et al – are now firmly part of our great United States of America…a splendid quilt, if you will of all among us.

So, why, ‘riots’? Why, rampant thievery and murder that does not invest its energies in the evening time, but during the day, visible to all who are watching. Yet, our fragmented police District Attorneys appear to be bought off by big money people – we have heard some of their names.

It must be admitted here, as I write this post, that I well-know nothing written here can or will never alter the issues of which I write. It is for me a simple attempt at renouncing the vile perpetraters of crime, malice, and evil doers who have no respect for our country or the people who honestly try to get our system in working order.

In these past couple of years I have seen our country’s borders come to ruin with millions of peoples from all over the world coming into the United States, along with purveyors of killer-drugs for sale, the Cartels making millions of dollars in smuggling and drugs in the process.

The man we call President, his Vice-President, and all of his cabinet picks are without equals in their government posts – words like ‘evil’, dumb, and unworthy come to mind…

There has never been a doubt in my mind that this current president was fraudulently elected, that he is eminently senile and puts our great country in peril…not to mention the son of this president who has committed crimes in his sexual pursuits and his use of our government as his benefactor.

Those who are reading this, YOU are correct! I should not be writing these words…although truthful and the ‘great washed’ among us know my words ring true…

So, I thank those who might read this post for their indulgence…after all, I’m only writing of things you already know.

I love this country and want the very best in leadership for its future, for me, my family, and all the families of the United States of America.


BR Chitwood – May 18, 2022


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Darkness, Light, and Shadows

Darkness, Light, and Shadows

By BR Chitwood


The visits from ‘Darkness, Lights, and Shadows’ have been often over the spread of my life, my cornbread-loving, hog-slopping, ‘hay-behind-the-ear’ yokel life, or, at least, assumed so…

What am I trying to convey here? (This question comes up quite often as I poke fingers at these typing keys!)

Divorce, broken family, and some terror insanity took me from those beautiful green hills of Tennessee, into the US Navy, and, after discharge, on the ‘GI Bill’ into the college world of learning. Those kids in the classrooms with the minds that worked orderly had some fun with the strange words and phrases that came from my countrified mind…and, shucks, I laughed right along with the professors and the kids…hey, they were learning the difference between ‘citified’ and ‘countrified’.

There came later on the ‘neon world’, the bars, restaurants, and pretty ladies, marriages, divorces, and further painful learning. I made it to the corporate world of sales and management, stayed for years. With a talent agency, I did TV commercials, some film and stage acting…my world, the ‘oyster’ – and I enjoyed every morsel…

During the ‘hayseed years’ of my past, I had enjoyed singing, writing, poetry, along with my love for cowboy movies. Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Tim Holt were some of my favorites until I went to the movie thrillers and romantic broken hearts that had to be put back together.

I’m married to a wonderful lady now for many years, and we share the love of our kids, and the ‘grands’! I have written over twenty novels, including two bios, 500 blog posts, poetry, many short stories and Flash Fiction pieces, lots of Poetry, and many songs…AND, I’m a lousy self-publisher and have done a poor job in my marketing of materials.

The main thing is, I’m old now, and I don’t want to be old… I want to do it all over again, minus those early years of gloom and uncertainty…

So, if anyone has a ‘magic pill’ or ‘time tunnel’ and you are a gracious, giving person… Okay, ‘local yokel’!  You have gone past your ‘nap time’.

BR Chitwood – May 12, 2022

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The Earth Speaks

Author's Mission

The Earth Speaks

By BR Chitwood


Can senseless stupidity be part of my DNA?

This goes beyond anything sensible and sane. How can a grown man be this careless and inane?

AND, where is your water, ‘Senseless Stupid Person’?

Did you not see before setting out the billowing dull yellowish clouds forming in the Southeast, with the wind now swirling the dust all around you?

You dumb imbecilic bastard!

Did you finish the story you were writing in your mind?

Tell me, you squeaky old bastard, have all your marbles been used? Are you so addled as not to see the arrogance of your brain? The utter disregard for some sense of reason? The sky is up there and all around you! Can your senses be in such disregard? Can you not see what is happening around you?

Ah, now you think of the car! Where you parked it…

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So, Now What?

So, Now What?

BR Chitwood


Another move!

Sold our beautiful South Mountain Retreat – could not turn down the price…yeah, I know, money is not everything! Couple it, however, with home prices ‘through the roof’, a body getting older and less functional with each passing day plus a handsome payoff and a temporary move-in with our good and wise daughter, my wife doing all the work (I know, I know! I’m worthless!) and me sitting sprawled on my ‘lift chair’ already typing this short post… A lovely couple, Blake and Claudia along with their beautiful Lab, Sami, are the new owners – Blake, a Clinical Psychologist and, Claudia, a Registered Nurse – beautiful people from the far west.

Aging of course comes with strange catalysts, like, a sudden fall or short memory recall…just laying the foundation like it is, the result of a couple of falls, some aches and pains.  I can still walk and get around, have family who cater to my needs – and, wow, I use this to the greatest ‘poor me’ extent possible. Actually, the place I feel still secure within myself, still viable in my writing, is when I open this laptop gadget and start my pecking.

You can take this to the bank: I shall know when my words become too mundane and without any solid penmanship…maybe this short post will give one pause as to the viability of my writing…,

  That is when I will ‘rock you’ with a scintillating short story, flash fiction, and/or poetry. Writing has been such a strong force for so many years, it would be sacrilege not to obey its enticements.

So, no earth-shattering piece here, just some facts of my aging life for my small cadre of readers and writers.

 My wife did all the work, so why am I so damned tired?

Just saying!


BR Chitwood – May 9, 2022

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On the Road Again

On the Road Again

BR Chitwood

*My great grandson, Owen, welcomes you to my post…


Since I’ve spent a large portion of my life ‘on the road’ in either a work capacity or living in a new city or town, it came to me that it might interest some folks about possibilities of Wanderlust, Shifting Thoughts, and/or simply the Nature of the Beast…and, perhaps obvious to some ‘the Nature of the Beast’ scenario is perhaps the most accurate among the short list of selections – but, all of them play a part in this Romantic’s tale.

Well, sure, it’s a bit late for a psychiatrist’s visit, and, the truth is, much of my life I’ve thought those ladies and gentlemen with the plush offices and comfortable chairs and sofas were the people who needed some directional assistance themselves… Now, I mean no disrespect to these ‘head-working’ people. We all have to be somewhere. The bottom-line, I figured that it was I who needed to do the mind-work to figure me out, and it has come slowly, surely, and with some degree of stimulants (like alcohol, depressive thoughts, lonely bars, and cheap motels.

There are a lot of boys and girls growing up in the southern part of our country – that is, states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, where some of our youth more or less get mixed signals in their growing up, although I’m suspecting Tennessee and those beautiful Appalachian hills might claim all the marbles for this shortcoming– I’m so-stating this because this is where my non-glorious life began, complete with trauma, dirt roads, parental arguments and fighting, divorce, state-run schools, and a substantial overload on one’s psyche and intellect…sufficient without further glamorous etching.

Yes, I know each of us came from somewhere and had story-book childhoods, loving parents, good education, and better than fair looks down the roads they would take in growing into whatever it was they were to be. As it would turn out, with all that swirling debris in my mind and soul, I made that long trip with some nice successes along the way, the best of which was my fourth wife, Julie Anne – a true treasure of love and sacrifice (I come with sacrifices! Just, saying!)

Julie Anne has been my reader and editor of twenty novels plus near 400 blog posts and lots of poetry. Some of the novels are taken from crimes that have not been solved to this day, on a shelf of ‘unsolved cases’ in a police station in Phoenix, Arizona and/or Bisbee, Arizona. If I must say, the writing is good and should be read by every reader: for enjoyment, of course, but to catch a few typos and/or errata along the way… There are a couple of books that tell a bit of my personal story, even some film bits of which I was a part, hopefully to make the reader buy a book – my book, that is!

I’m still writing while the clock ticks away the time and I figure to keep typing away for some years yet. At the end of this is the address of my Web site, where all my books, with synopses, some 5-star reviews, and an e-mail for anyone who would like to correspond with me.

I’m too old to be embarrassed by my words in this blog post. Thank you for reading…

BR Chitwood


Always With Love

Always With Love

BR Chitwood


It is difficult to imagine where I would be in this life without the woman in the picture above, my wife, assuming my existence in this life at this point in time.

Sure, it is just another sentimental prosing of a hopeless ‘Romantic’, but this lady, Julie Anne, is all the trumpeting I’m doing here, and, more. She has been with me through the writing of twenty books in different genres, hundreds of blog posts, short stories, and flash fiction, reading it all, offering helpful comments along with her praise…in the meantime, preparing our meals, caring for our pets, and still managing to be a mother to our many children.

My immersion in the writing brings at times outbursts and childish behavior…she simply smiles gently and wanders off to tackle other chores.

Now, near the final years of aging, I still do some writing. Julie Anne does a lot with her genealogy efforts, communicating with people from all over the globe…Genealogy fascinates her, and her glee in finding new people who belong to her ‘tree’.

Julie has written about the pets we have owned through the years – “Animal Crackers in My Bed” (the book is on Amazon).

She has also compiled a history book – “The World After World War 1” (a ‘Tome’, really) of letters written by her grandmother and two sisters of her grandmother. One of the sisters serving overseas in the Red Cross during ‘World War One’. The letters brilliantly depict the history of the time – 1918-1921…also on Amazon. (A copy of one of the letters, written by James Thurber to the Red Cross sister, was acquired by Ohio State University for their historic documents of major importance.

Julie is a unique and beautiful lady, and, for some forty years, she has been there to help and encourage me in my writing, to love me, and a mom of the highest order… I am a most lucky man…



ired But Still in the Fight

Tired – But Still in the Fight

BR Chitwood


The softness, sweetness settles within me

On this still, slumberous, summer day…

The sky above is clear and convenient

 To my aging heart and soul of wandering.

The big windows out of which I peer

Display the birds, quails and rabbits in

Their daily missions for food and play,

          Forever watchful as the coyotes are fast         

 Afoot, canny, can spring from the idle

Brush, Ironwood, and Palo Verde Trees.


Here, in the comfort of A/C and luxury,  

My mind ponders the plurality of messages

My outside view might reveal through

This tired heart and soul that have borne

Witness to so much my Gracious God

Has so generously shared along my way…

The joy of love and family, the search

For fame and glory that has shown in

Quantities never as large as one might hope,

Never the prominence foolish pride allowed.


So, it seems this beauty outside my windows

Is occasionally followed by rain and wind…

Perhaps, more in hope and longing, nay, in

Truth and Faithful days and nights of dark

And wistful thoughts, witnessed by the moon

And brilliant stars outside another window…

After prayer, a truth emerges, vague, tingling,

And, suddenly, my bedroom wall to the East,

 An amorphous cloud slowly passes, my eyes

Widen: an image of Jesus gently smiling…


BR Chitwood –


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