Beautiful but Scary

“Likely an earthquake, son. Either that, or God was fooling around with us.”

Beautiful but Scary

‘Flash Fiction’


BR Chitwood

After all the years, the best therapy for my mind-conditioned to foggy malaise and emotional turmoil was a car ride on an undriven road. The nice lady at the Memphis La Quinta check-in desk suggested State Route 88 a mile west of town, in her mind, it was the most beautiful road she had ever been on.

The malaise and emotional turmoil?

Too long a story! Simply what all my personal history added up to, broken home, romance, and money. In this case, it was ‘romance’…three years with the same ‘lady’ (a dubious descriptive courtesy) – who had a ‘romance’ with a dude who bilked her out of $500 dollars of my money… It shows how dumb I was! I knew nothing about her two-week dilly-dallying encounter with the guy.

Bottom line? We Split, and I’m on the road. That’s what I do when the fan is hit, if you get my meaning… I can afford it:  I own a small business and my two sisters run it, plus, Uncle Sam pays me each month for an Army injury.’

Okay, I also run off somewhere when I get pissed off over something. This is one of those times, and taking a short trip helps me get back to whatever my ‘normal’ is.

I grabbed a hamburger at the fast-food place, and ate it by the time I reached State Route 88. As I drove along beautiful rolling hills, waterways, distant mountains, my mind settled and I had this euphoric feeling, like, “Man, I could easily live in this country.” The afternoon sun added a brilliance to the view that would be tough for me to describe. The higher the car took me, the more beautiful the land became.

Rounding a curve, I saw a gravel area big enough to handle the car. There was a path leading higher from the gravel area into a stand of trees. There was still enough sunlight to take a short hike, so, like an excited kid, I parked, locked the car, and rushed up the path.

After approximately one mile the path ended at a huge rock cropping. There was a steep embankment running along the right side of the rock cropping down into a small water area. Along the left side of the rock cropping there was just enough room for me to slide around, with trees caressing my body.

Then, I almost lost my footing when I stepped around the edge of what I thought was the end of the rock…

Simultaneously, I reached for a tree limb to my left and involuntarily let out a loud yell… ten feet ahead, there was another huge rock cropping, but the ten feet between this cropping and the next one was all space going down the side of the cropping – one step and I would have been gone…how far down, I don’t know. I could see fifty feet down that open space clearly, but, then, nothing but fog.

I thought only briefly about going up the left side of the mountain where I could only see hill-humps and trees, but my nerve deserted me, nowhere to be found. My body was in full quiver….

I hurried back to the car and was surprised to see two highway patrol men at the side of my car, staring anxiously at me.

One patrol officer asked me: “Did you take the big sign?”

“What sign?” I was Flabbergasted.

They looked at each other, back at me, nodded: “The Phantom has struck again, Grady,” said one cop to the other.

Looking at me they knew that I was shocked.

“Sorry, young fellow, nobody is supposed to go up into those trees, and someone is stealing the signs we put up. We been talking about hauling this gravel off and putting some huge stones in their place…guess we have to do that, Grady…as soon as today, or, tomorrow for sure. You can keep going up to the lake. It’s a popular spot. I’m assuming you came up from the Memphis area.”

“Yes, and no, thanks, guys. I’m sure the lake is beautiful, but

I’ve had enough excitement for one day… Thank God you were here to explain about the sign… Is there a history about this odd land formation?”

“Likely an earthquake, son. Either that, or God was fooling around with us.”


‘Flash Fiction’ from: BR Chitwood – October 24, 2021

Author’s Website/Blog: @brchitwood

Where Do We Go From Here?

All I Can Do is Wonder

oBR Chitwood


Where do we go from here?

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All I can do is wonder…

It seems we’re on slippery slopes in every direction.

There are no genius genes within the confines of my mind to suggest solutions to the bewildering directions our current government is taking, except, maybe – some remarkable Supreme Court event that gets our political sanity back. The brainless big money moguls in partnership with clueless government officials have created a one-way driveway to hell for the sensible Americans who still believe in our ‘written in blood’ Constitution – Freedom, Religious and otherwise, Liberty, Rule of Law, rights every American has the right to practice without Bureaucratic/Government Interference.

Even the NEA – National Education Association – a titan of power wish to create a ‘CRT’ – ‘Critical Race Theory’, that would have our children taught with the center-piece notion that the United States is a Racist Nation – written and codified – defying the historical truth that we are not. Blood was spilled and truth prevailed. Most rational Americans believe schools should teach our history, teach reading, mathematics, geography, and science.

We have a current government that is allowing illegal aliens to cross our southern borders by the tens of thousands, our own good border agents taunted and shot at by Cartel members.

We have a President who will not answer questions and has great difficulty in verbal communication, surely destined to be our worst president in history. His drill in Afghanistan was a debacle with death of our citizens and abandonment of so many more Americans and Afghan partners who worked with our government.

We have a president who gave away our own reliable Independent Energy process to Russia. Prices for gas and food products are rapidly rising.
Our Police departments are depleted. Criminals run rampant in our streets, children killed, old people knocked to the sidewalks, brazen robberies in our stores without consequence. Riots in the streets. Chicago and New York are cities under siege.

We have a vice-president who is rarely seen, who has a dubious history in politics and has little awareness of what is happening around her.

Where does it go from here – this government? We have people serving in our congress who migrated to our country and are now working to turn our democracy into a free depository for people coming to the USA – free health, free college, free hand-outs of all kinds.

Maybe this is our destiny, but this country-boy from Appalachia will never quite comprehend how this poison came to be in our halls of government.

We survived a ‘Civil War’, a ‘Great Depression’, and several wars.

We hope and we pray for better days in our beautiful country.

We desperately need new Leadership…

Just a citizen getting ‘stuff’ off his chest – Again!

BR Chitwood – October 20, 2021

Website/Blog: /@brchitwood

A Stranger in My Country

By BR Chitwood


Perhaps it’s a silly misnomer to call myself ‘A Stranger’ in the Country of my birth, but born in the Appalachian Hills of Tennessee amid Bible Belt fear, parental disunity, a wildly emotional parttime father in brutal anger beating on a tearful mother and sister I was in a neuronic and small frightened body that was terribly malfunctioning.

The years passed and life – without Dad – passed with some accomplishments…graduated from high school, joined the US Navy, got a college degree, wed the corporate world for some years, opened my own business, began to write, and, after a few ‘picket fences’, found a miracle lady who came to be all that I had needed and wanted.

Now, in the last cycle of my life, I still write an occasional book, some poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, blog posts. For anyone interested, many of my novels, in most genres, the narratives embrace true crimes – some, still in ‘Cold Case’ files – with my suggested and plausible scenarios… Anyone with interest in my writing can find my books, blogs, and poetry at:

So, why am I a stranger in my own country?

My mind swirls in desperate rotations when I see the direction our country is being taken by our current leaders – I’m almost squeamish when I use the word, ‘leaders’. The rhetoric of some government officials defies adult credulity, seemingly and tediously changing the true meaning of what our United States ‘Constitution’ so precisely lays out, written in the blood of our brave historical heroes. With ‘Covid’s evil tenure’, with ‘CRT’ (‘Critical Race Theory’) by a ‘Teacher’s Union’ wanting to replace the age-old disciplines of education (History, Reading, Math, Science, Geography, et al) with ‘race-baiting’ CRT corollaries. The NEA seems oblivious to the natural devastating progression that will come from racist nonsense. We are not a racist nation! Our history is clear, though some would deny it. It is there in the pages of our past for all to read.

Seemingly hundreds of millions of people across the planet wish to come to the United States, and our current ‘majority leadership’ is precipitating the mad flow of people across our southern borders, with tens of millions crossing in mad repetition. Some who have crossed our borders made it into seats of government and wish to change the policies and the principles of our grand Constitution.

Crime is devastatingly in an ‘open season’ in the United States – people killed on the streets, robberies of our stores in broad daylight without restraint. The murder of our youth from the ‘Wild Side’ of random disregard…

I’m through with my mini-tirade. I can almost see eyes moving upward in their sockets.

Admittedly, I’m one-sided. I have Democratic friends and Republican friends. When together, we are quick to determine how far we take our political certainties, and it’s amazing how close we come to being sane and sensible… Of course, that could simply be my friends of different persuasions just love my ‘Maker’s Mark’ bourbon.

Now, if you don’t like my political stance, you will like my books, poetry, and blog posts…hope you will go to my website/blog – and take a look.

No matter your political persuasion, I wish you happy times with family and friends.

BR Chitwood – October 11, 2021

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Love-Faith Conquers All

By BR Chitwood



The only armament needed for Peace!

All provided for Free from a Holy Presence!


Is out there all around you. My daily hope is

That you have found or will find your


In lieu of Search for Fame and Fortune

Look for that lovely face in the crowd.


Earth’s lovely seaways, plants, mountains

Are also gifts from a Holy Presence!


Now, we can wonder how this was all given

To us! Can we add FAITH to our search?


Two words with a Noble Significance!

Two beautiful words to live by!


– Words by BR Chitwood –

Author of Books and Blogs (Most Genres)  – Website/Blog   

Sanity and Surrender

Sanity and Surrender

By BR Chitwood


Maybe a year!

It’s been near a year that I’ve noticed an adjective or noun or some other connective element taking longer to reach their space in my writing projects – NOT a constant ‘thing’ but annoying as hell…I’m dumb enough to believe the blog post, poem, story, I’m typing still come out with some literary merit – at least, my talented writing buddies make me think so…Bless them even with some possible ‘lay-it-on’ blather.

After some negative ‘Adonis’ thoughts and years of ‘women chasing’ I settled down with a lovely caring lady who encouraged and praised my writing. Aside from near-400 blog posts, flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and songs, I’ve written twenty books, many of which were fashioned fictionally from my interest in crime and the people so shaped to brutal action and violence. There have been poetry and songs mostly fashioned from those long-ago romantic days and nights of beautiful women and love.

Sales from my writing efforts?

Disappointing and small! However, I did not do the extra labor and money-spending to market my books… I simply relied on the internet, a few ‘iffy’ promo places, and my own tweets, blog posts, flash fiction, and short stories. Another blunder, some would consider, I did my own editing and proof-reading (having been an English teacher, I was vain enough to think those bucks were better spent on ‘Maker’s Mark’ bourbon).

There were some Amazon 5-Star Reviews, and I did realize a younger dream of mine to be an author. The mind can make you believe, make you calculate your worth as a writer much higher than expected.

That said, I still believe, there are ‘winners’ among those twenty books, blogs, and poetry.

SO, I shall dwell here in my place of leisure and sunshine for some few more years, I suspect, write an occasional post, some poetry, songs, and, what the hell, maybe one more book.

Just keeping in touch!!!

BR Chitwood – September 7, 2021

Short Mind V0yage

Short Mind Voyage

By BR Chitwood


“I’ll try one more time! Dammit!”

Without thinking, I said the words angrily and aloud.

“Pardon me!” My wife said with a scowl.

“Oh, sorry, just mumbling to myself. Go back to your work. This laptop is driving me nuts!”

“You sure it’s not you – driving you, Nuts?”

“You know the answer to that, Milady, I’ll never get tuned in to this Cyberspace crap. I’m convinced some bright PhD hotshots put this Computer crap together, knowing the buyer would have to purchase one every few years for the updates… I’m sorry, sweetheart. Go back to your genealogy.”

“It’s okay, Billy. I still love you…just don’t break this one up like the other one.”

“I won’t, it just annoys the hell out of me that I’m so dumb I can’t get it.”

“You write great books, poetry, and blog posts. You are not designed for Technology.”

“There are many times I wonder…thanks, honey.”


Now, where was I?


It seems the sharp minds of Creators

Bring hope to many people who are

Seeking jobs and hope for their families…

With the plethora offer of options

For vocational possibilities and life

Enhancements come disappointment,

Vitriol, Envy, and unharnessed anger.

All elements of life’s tenuous menu

 Come into play when cultures clash in

Competition and wage variances…

People of all colors and presentiments

Become wary of thoughts and action.

Resentment comes, street clashes erupt

In our cities – riots, murder, mayhem!

With new Federal Masters, our borders

Are open to all, including babies barely

Walking, without their mothers, rapists,

Cartel members, Murderers, terrorists,

Hundreds of thousands, many of whom

Come humbly seeking better jobs,

better lives, for their families  

I’m writing of events you already know,

And, well, I figure writing about these

Troubling times – Covid-19, a new pol

Group ‘running the show’, our Israeli

Friends, Hamas, China, Russia, Iran…

I can feel I have at least faced Earth’s

Problems to some degree.

No Solutions!


BR Chitwood – June 30, 2021

Website/Blog/Books: @brchitwood

Space Fillers

 Space Fillers

By BR Chitwood


Today, with knowledge redoubling incredibly fast after Sputnik1 soared upward in October, 1957, to a ‘punctuation point’ status in Space Exploration, our World’s brain power geared up for some historic competition among the elite nations, creating an intellectual atmosphere that was swift in giving birth to new technologies, new political problems, promises, and diminishing returns for many nations.

The scary part of progress, the intellectual geniuses of that lofty world of Cyberspace create some fun tools for living and comfort, some industrial items that bring speedy delivery of products and information, bring more time for leisure, and, for those ultra-wealthy cyber experts, super wealth and influence over our lives, our political policies, and our societal lives – which, all too often, lead to crime and violence.

Purposely not mentioning Covid-19, the scourge of our century, killing tens of thousands of our citizens, we now must watch riots in our cities, stores looted at will by Oligarch-minded criminals, state governments being taken over by politicians who know little or nothing about managing, or, following the historical guidelines of our state laws.

Perhaps the scariest of these insane actions is ‘how we are to be teaching our children’ in Elementary Schools – ‘Cancel Culture’, ‘Gender/Trans & Cis’… et al. For me, this is close to moronic administration to be feeding our youth with this kind of curriculum.

Sorry if I offend anyone…

I’ve climbed the toughest part of my assigned hill. I’m on my way down the other side. Aware that my words have little or no meaning, but I proudly write them here and hope that they might reach the eyes of those who believe in our Deity, our history, our freedom and liberty, and all those who sacrificed their lives for this greatest country on Earth.


BR Chitwood – June 9, 2021



‘Author’s Mission – Writing to Discover Me’

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The Lucky Ones Who Get It!

“The Lucky Ones Who Get It!”

The Lucky Ones Who Get It!

By BR Chitwood

Who are the lucky ones?

Who is asking? And, Why?

Me! I’m asking because the world presents itself in so many faces, metaphysically, and otherwise.

I’m asking because, somehow in the ‘draw’, I was given a mind that skitters here and yon, pondering events, lives, and consequences of why we live, how we came to live, what ultimate purpose(s) and contribution(s) we give in our living on this sphere orbiting the space we know so little about. I applaud the Scientists and giants of information for sharing.

I’m asking because there are good and honest people who believe in a Deity, people who live by the words in their sacred books that chart their religious dicta.

I’m asking because there are high-ranking scholars who are non-believers in a Deity, who believe that two giant Stars collided and produced all living things, so finely tuned and integrated as to precisely define a new life in a period of nine months.

In College Philosophy courses I learned from the philosophers – Confucious, Aristotle, Socrates, Dante, Plato, Pascal, Kant, et al, and the principles they followed… Generally, and because I only have an AB Degree (tee-hee), the gist of what I got from College Philosophy was that most philosophers believed we should establish goals to live by, to be the best at what we wish to be, and try for harmony in all of our efforts.

Noble goals, for sure. One philosopher, Leibniz, if I remember correctly, suggested our earth was but a pillow on a sofa in another world – he was the ‘Monad’ man, and I guess I’m saying that ‘Philosophy was not my favorite subject’! I’m likely being unkind, but the professor read his lectures from a book…nice man, however – a minister, I believe.

There were class discussions about the ‘Monad being the major unit of existence’, about a ‘tree falling in the forest’ and, ‘was there sound in  the falling of the tree if no one was around to hear it?

Putting aside curriculum, foggy data, and the New Testament stories of Jesus and his disciples, it was a course which opened some short corridors in my mind – as much as was possible with my genetic tools.

In short, what my college experience, my degree, and some short teaching stint gave me was some modest relief from the negativity regarding my Appalachian heritage. In some ways it modestly emboldened me and pushed me on toward a most interesting life, filled with love, pretty ladies, neon lights, acting, and too much soul searching.

So, what is it I am trying to write about here? The Earth’s origin? My part in the great plot of living? First cause? Chicken/Egg? God, or, a profound solar mystery?

Know what?

It does not matter… I’m writing.

And, writing is my mission!

BR Chitwood – May 10, 2021#

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My Wonderment

My Wonderment

BR Chitwood

BR & Julie Anne  


My Treasure!

My Friend!

My Love!

My All!


BR Chitwood – April 21, 2021


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