Chance to Win Big!

💜Chance to Win Big💜

By BR Chitwood


The sweat literally poured from his brow and onto the green felt of the crap table like a leaking kitchen faucet… Brad Caron’s comeback after losing twenty grand in just two hours had the record for ‘longest run’ and, so far, the highest money winner in Arizona Casino and Gaming’s history, and the only casino where dinners for four weeks were free for winners of big sums their four guests, no matter the time of day, the logic of which was no secret for any gambler – the casino had back-up history showing many big winners would gamble away their large winnings within a period of six months, if not the same night…varying by a small degree.

That sweat did not pour in Caron’s right hand. The Crap Table was surrounded by a small village of other casino Winners and Losers who went crazy after each winning Toss.  Caron’s right hand was the only dry spot on his body, visible in an almost eerie way in the midst of people, card players and/or non-players – an almost silent drone of conversation like a soft whir of motors ready to explode. Brad chose his bet preference When Caron tossed the romanced die, his lady’s bright red kiss planted on his right cheek, the ‘eight’ was his number the two white square cubes displayed on the green felt.

More side bets by the gamblers around the table, the die kissed again by brad’s lovely lady of the evening, he flung the die back-handed against the end of the long table and the number nine came up…Brad Caron’s side bet earned him a quick ten grand. The whoops and yells from the people were cacophonous, and the sweat flowed and sprayed the people nearby with a good dousing.

Brad conferred with the Croupier, asking for his highest bet of the long day – one and one-half million dollars… After a short conferring pause, the bet was approved by the Croupier and upper management. A soft-seeming electric buzz filled the darkened casino as the die was returned to Brad Caron.

A casino employee presented a towel to the gambler but he refused the offer…he wanted nothing to change in his long run… The loud speaker in the casino had already announced that no changes would interrupt the table play.

Brad Caron’s right hand was still the only part of his body still dry after all his tosses, and he saw it as a positive omen not to be trifled with.

“Players, place your side bets totaling $50,000 as he placed on the ‘4’ spot in the side box in front of the Croupier.

There were some moans and groans from bystanders who apparently thought his side bet pick was a bad choice.

“Roll the dice, Mr. Caron,” commanded the Croupier.

Ritual the same, the lady with Brad Caron kissed his die and then his wet right cheek. She smiled as she rendered the kiss. The first roll of the dice, Mr. Brad Caron’s two squares yielded him another win – a ‘three’ and a ‘one’ showed brightly on the green felt.

In the history of Casino gambling, Brad Caron broke gambling records all over the country, perhaps even the world…in the millions.


I wrote this fictional post based on a ‘Time’ Magazine article about a New Jersey Grandmother breaking a ‘Craps’ record with 154 rolls of the dice for four hours and eighteen minutes without ‘sevening out’… the odds of doing that are 1 in 1.56 million – a fascinating article by Claire Suddath.

 I found out many years ago that ‘Craps’ and I did not get along very well – thank you very much!

By BR Chitwood – July 16 2022

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