Simple Complications


BR Chitwood


I have known forever the end to my story…so, why should I think so carefully as I begin to discern the knowledge from my simple yet complicated life?

The compelling observation in these dwindling moments is not so revealing as it is not so outstanding in its epic moments of triumph and its crude missions of self-flagellation and senseless remorse.


You will find many lives lived which carried these at times debilitating and worthless metaphors. … so very many, I suggest. You might wonder why so many among us have kinship with this affliction. It is my belief that these people (myself, included) have lived their lives with parental guidance when confusion eventually comes from disparate when it lines up with self-flagellation.  Imagine, one parent guiding a child with adulatory tidbits and, moments later scolding for a few minor conflicting incidents. Too many contradictions in a child’s growth can compromise and deal real harm.

It should be understood that the consistency of a child and parents’ relationship depends on their interactions with one another. There is certain hope and much confirmation that this, the positive consistency of good child rearing will produce a more mature and diligent person to walk among.

Then, of course, there are our broken homes, split parent control, generally caused real problems within the marriage, a rush into family…the feeling of the new parents that they can do a better job of raising their children than their progenitors.

Okay, the foregoing is part of family unity and dis-unity. There are DNA inheritance, perhaps an inexplicable and nasty behavior problem, one that grows on into adulthood…The ultimate truth is DNA and bad habits pass on, and, unless the various groups who study all these implications of living, dying, diseases, identifying the worst among the worst – and, cure. God and his wise men parted the seas…could he not under some new terminology bring us all closer to that “Shining house on the Hill?”

Some FATE awaits us…Please, ‘Sweet Divinity’, let the angels sing and bring us ‘Home’. You can do anything, Jesus… Give us ‘You’ with Blessings and a world that only concentrates on Good and peaceful living and adventures that only deepen their faith and bring us closer to those who educate us on new ideas and their theories.

Yes, I know!

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We are due, folks!


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I'm a young man in an old man's body, trying to catch up to myself, trying to find pieces of me I left back in a disconnected youth and the early years of manhood. I'm a stereotype of many in my generation who can play the 'blame game', yell 'foul', and 'let's start over'. But, we are what we are, the sum of all the scary kid-emotions we experienced, the gin mills and piano bars that became our sandboxes of pleasure - lotus eaters of the best (or, worst) kind, the love affairs that did not quite settle us down, the sad poetry and songs written in bars and motels along the way... A Dreamer! A Wanderlust! The world needs such fools as we to write our books, our poetry, our songs, to offset the madness that plagues the soul. I've written fourteen books, over three hundred blog posts, in search of those pieces left somewhere in many parts of the globe. You can preview my books on the next page. There's even a Blog page...all my posts are not showing on this recently created blog page, but, if you want to read more, go to my official blog site and check out the archives: http://www.thefinalcurtain1 Writing for me is therapy for the soul. Website:

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