Stuck in the Mud – Maybe

“Charity and Good Will to all…”

Stuck in A Rut – Maybe!

BR Chitwood


Occasionally, it appears to me that I spend an inordinate amount of time on carping about this and/or that. Perhaps, that is a commonality with those of us who are aging. Most of my bitching and moaning is directed toward political observations, my perceived notions about the directions our leaders take us…

Today, I’m putting away my amateur political disclaimers and dwelling on the inherent goodness and kindness of the anonymous, humble and quiet people in life who do their good deeds without seeking gratification and hero worship. Hopefully, this poetic utterance conveys my feelings:

Simple Wisdom

Their faces wear humble smiles

As they place their market food

In shopping baskets along the aisles

Offering assistance to those in need.

These people of simple wisdom

Follow a Deity’s message of hope

Living placidly with abiding Faith in

Charity and good will to all.

As deeds of evil project among them

They tearfully pray for love and peace

Giving freely from grieving hearts

Dispelling naysayers and angry mobs.

Turbulent times and unrest bring

Hoodlums and Saints together, each

Sharply battling the other while a

Fragile Republic awaits its future.

Only the Deity can know the ending…

If the majesty of our earth’s creation

Carries bewilderment for so many –

Please look out on your World’s Wonders!

BR Chitwood – October 18, 2021


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