Lady Gray Awaits

Lady Gray Awaits

BR Chitwood


Watching Lady Gray eat her ‘Temptations’, then stretching her body on the carpet in front of us, napping, in a world she loves and knows the adoration of her masters who gaze down upon her, I turn off the morning TV news, a seeming duplication of the day before: our southern borders overrun with hundreds of thousands of the world’s disgruntled masses of whom we know nothing of their mind-sets and/or their dispositions for hatred, subterfuge, kindness, and plans for terror.

As a country seemingly gone mad, our government leaders appear to be without compass, without a clearly laid-out game plan for the problems facing our Democracy, with riots, thievery, and a modern-day Marxism all visible through the day-to-day passing of time. In our government bodies we have those who openly show their anarchial dispositions, screaming dogma and changes that make our buried and living patriots livid and shocked…

What/Who can step in and stop this madness on our streets and in our government? What Constitutional Article can address the Mayhem, Murder, Thuggery in our cities and towns? Who can step in to stop this civil unrest? Many good Americans liked our previous President who gave us ‘Border Protection’ and an ICE program that competently rid America of many of its ‘bad actors’…now, they are coming back.

What about China, Covid, and our Children? Why, ‘Masks’ in schools when the data shows ‘low risk’ for young children?

What the citizens of the USA are witnessing is wholesale madness, some politicians getting rich by listening to fools and lobbyists, enriching their lives while allowing the greatest country in the world to die from their greed.

I am not blind! Nor am I privy to wisdom of the ages, gifted with the intelligence to discern the reasons for moves on the political chess board. However, it grieves me as it must most people to see young children murdered on our streets, store robberies – for real – on our television sets, hundreds of thousands ‘Illegals’ deposited throughout our country after crossing our southern border…what madness is this?

Just words, I know, but here in ‘Sunset’, that is all I have to give. You have your words as well, and maybe we don’t match up too well. That’s okay…it’s the American way.

Our past president, Donald Trump, despite the disdain many had for him, got some things right – companies returning to the country, jobs for our people, a border wall and plan that worked, lower taxes, gifted people for the various government posts, some mid-east accords, great stock market results, better relationships and stability abroad, firmness with Iran, veteran policy reforms…all of this and much more WITHOUT A SALARY!

Awesome August to everyone!


BR Chitwood – August 2, 2021


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