Be Still, My Heart


Be Still, My Heart

By BR Chitwood


Somehow, I get the feeling that ‘Arthur’ has finally taken complete control of my body…oh, I can still get up and down, write my fetching narratives and poetry, admire and feel the blood flowing with a bit more rapidity when the pretty ladies go by on my television screen and when I’m out shopping with the wife…of course I need to be more furtive, a bit more subtle with Julie Anne along…Julie’s my wife, and I would not, uh, for a moment, consider again being the ‘mean boy’ of my youth.

I will however confess to my long-held belief that women are the most beautiful distractions on earth…you might say that I do worship certain shapes, sizes, and hair color lengths. It is no mystery to me why some men are labeled ‘womanizers’ but too scared to wander too far from their devoted ‘purse lady’.

Now, I know this is a tough subject to dwell on, but, in my case, ‘dwell’ is the extent I can go – ‘Arthur’ has other ways and/or partners to keep most of us on the ‘straight and narrow’. And, hey, I know there are some good and honorable men who would never ‘dwell’ on the subject of shapes and beauty of women…for me, the psychological nudging for it unknown, the ‘dwell’ has always been there.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been happily married for many years to a beautiful and caring woman. I’m just saying, songs are written daily, artists, poets, authors have always explored and painted the captivating features of women and the different sections of their bodies. As long as civility and mutual agreements are made, what’s the problem? Beauty and Motion are to be enjoyed and honored without evil intent.

You will notice one of my twenty books, The Cracked Mirror, leads off my thought delicacy here. The Cracked Mirror is a memoir that explores my life from its Appalachian perspective, my youth, the tough times with a lot of anger, my Navy years, college, and women, all of whom had great meaning in my life. This memoir is 90% TRUE

I gave The Cracked Mirror a two-track delivery – one track dealing with time spent in care center for a hip-replacement and a track dealing with my life, ladies, and the neon world.

In the care center track – called ‘The Way Station’ – Prentice Paul Hiller (Me) meets Greta, a retired Psychiatrist (Patient), and the two become friends. Greta becomes the ‘sounding board’ for Prentice’s wayward life… Greta is fictional (blame me for the psychiatry!).

Suffice it to say, The Cracked Mirror goes a long way in giving some texture to my life… lovely ladies who crossed my path, historical periods of war and sacrifice, authors I’ve read and enjoyed.

The book, with little or no promotion, has garnered some 5-Star reviews…hope you have a chance to read it. It covers a large spread of my life and my insatiable poetic fascination with women a la ‘Mona Lisa’ and the tributes paid to them by the poets and authors of the day…hope you have a chance to read TCM.

BR Chitwood – June 21, 2021

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I'm a young man in an old man's body, trying to catch up to myself, trying to find pieces of me I left back in a disconnected youth and the early years of manhood. I'm a stereotype of many in my generation who can play the 'blame game', yell 'foul', and 'let's start over'. But, we are what we are, the sum of all the scary kid-emotions we experienced, the gin mills and piano bars that became our sandboxes of pleasure - lotus eaters of the best (or, worst) kind, the love affairs that did not quite settle us down, the sad poetry and songs written in bars and motels along the way... A Dreamer! A Wanderlust! The world needs such fools as we to write our books, our poetry, our songs, to offset the madness that plagues the soul. I've written fourteen books, over three hundred blog posts, in search of those pieces left somewhere in many parts of the globe. You can preview my books on the next page. There's even a Blog page...all my posts are not showing on this recently created blog page, but, if you want to read more, go to my official blog site and check out the archives: http://www.thefinalcurtain1 Writing for me is therapy for the soul. Website:

6 thoughts on “Be Still, My Heart”

  1. I’m sorry it took so long, Billy Ray. Your book is now downloaded in my Kindle. As a woman, perhaps it will help me understand a man’s fascination with women. Throughout my life (particularly as a younger woman) I’ve been annoyed at men who gawk and who try to begin conversations that are aimless except to get my attention. For what reason? Most women want to be valued for who they are – not what they look like. I would assume most men would want the same. That said, perhaps your memoir will give me some insight. I’ve had friends over the years whose husbands were HUGE flirts. “Meaningless” my female friends said, and in most cases, that was correct. But in some cases, it was not.

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