Public Servants

Choose wisely, young public servants!

 The Essence of it All

By BR Chitwood

“Life is really simple…people insist on making it complicated.”

Human lives begin not always with the doctor at the ‘labor’ end of the hospital bed urging the mother-to-push harder to get the baby out of her body. The enduring length and pain of delivery might hear the desperate mother scream, “No more babies!” She might even aim a few angry and choice words at the anxious spouse at bedside.

Human lives begin at times in a taxi on the way to a hospital, the wide-eyed Cabby becoming a most reluctant sidewalk doctor – with perhaps help from some passersby. There are other bizarre birth stories, and it is unlikely that the nature of the birth claims any ties into major events that the ‘new-born’ could face in life – except, obviously, ‘being born’: had he/she not been born, there would be no need to die.

Why do I begin my post in this manner?

Because babies grow to adulthood adopting many of their parents’ traits, not necessarily bad, not necessarily good. That and choices made will determine where on the human stat records all will end up. Of course, that stat record follows us to our grave, good and bad.

What really prompted me to write this post, unscholarly, perhaps mundane and specious, I react particularly to people who run the lives of our citizens, maybe more accurate, those special interest people in our various governments, from mayors, AGs, house reps, senators, et al.

What makes our country so very special is the magnificent document some gallant patriots put together, laboriously, logically, intelligently, to form a timeless ‘how to’ list for the various people elected to political positions.

When Barrack Obama and Joe Biden finished their 8-year run, I told my wife: “This president, Obama, has brought us to a point in history from which we might not ever recover – his bowing, demurring, to the foreign leaders, Manufacturing companies leaving our shores, his various cash allotments to Iran and appeasement to other questionable international groups, his disdain for Israel, his countless speeches filled with words that flowed so beautifully, some ‘keepers’, others ‘not so much’!

This jubilant man’s vice-president, Joe Biden, spent nearly fifty years in the Washington Pol circles, getting very rich in the process… He is the man posed to become President of the US.

This last paragraph is the quintessence of fraud and government corruption. Biden’s ‘gaffs’, his ‘no show’ on the campaign trail, his weak and insipid debates.

How can it be?

Am I wrong?

Was the ‘House’ led by Pelosi and Schumer in the dead months of summer who hatched the ‘great deceit’?

Was it all about ‘Hate’ for Donald Trump? Was it about President Trump’s desire to keep illegal aliens out of our country? (A future ‘for sure’ vote for the Democrats.)

Was it the fact that Donald Trump brought to the Oval Office a ‘businessman’s’ assessment of the corruption playing out by some in political posts.?

Was it Trump’s long ad lib deliveries to members of the Press?

Was it Trump’s ‘Twitter Account’ where multi-millions followed him.

Trump did not bring the Covid-19, but he, in Trump fashion, brought the vaccine in less than one year of its outbreak.

Brash, Rich, Recalcitrant, and he took no pay for the great accomplishments he orchestrated along the way…and, I love the man because I believe he loves our Republic and our people. The country was good to him, and he saw things that he could change to make life better for people.

Young people likely want to serve their country, either in the Armed Forces of in Government. It takes an intellectually strong man and woman to follow this dream. Down those hallowed halls of Congress there are some who would have you join them and share in their largesse’ good fortune.

Follow your dreams but remember, this country belongs to all of us, and we pay your salary and settle your bills…so, go for it, but make it a ‘noble go’.

Donald Trump Is my President, and I love all the good policies and programs he put in place…and I love the man, ‘Warped Speed’ and ‘America First’! There is still hope in my heart and mind that Donald Trump will remain my president for another four years. He has work to finish.

BR Chitwood – December 16, 2020

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