Love with a little fantasy

Love with a Little Fantasy

By BR Chitwood

In my humble opinion one of the most vibrant, most active, and most exciting areas of our great country is the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area, and it was my good fortune to live there at a point in my life.

Having driven the freeways, lived, worked and eaten in some of its gourmet restaurants, I wanted to use this beautiful area as a setting for one of my novels, Dominique. While bits of the content in Dominique might be naughty, I believe the strong women, mystery, love, and a small dollop of Fantasy will hopefully please the readers who enjoy love, romance, murder, mystery, intrigue, men and women of action…and, it is my hope you will let the author know with your Amazon book reviews.

A notable and nationally respected ‘Cyber- Whiz’ is hired by one of the world’s eminent and envied Informational Technology corporations. At a large company gathering the ‘new hire’ meets a beautiful company Hostess, and the electricity between the two begins.

For the next six hours, the lovely hostess introduces the ‘new hire’ to landmark Ft. Worth restaurants. They dine. They dance. They fall in love.

Six hours later, tragedy strikes in the ‘new hire’s’ apartment complex parking lot…

This begins an unusual and exhilarating reading experience. Not only will murder and sexual exploitation be themes in this thriller, but a woman detective and her daughter will become central players in this page-turning ‘Romantic Suspense’ novel.


[Here is a snippet from Chapter Two]:


To all the folks who call Fort Worth, Texas their home, I duly apologize. Yes, I’ve been in Fort Worth, visited the most romantic 5-Star restaurant, Saint-Emilion, eaten its marvelous Steak au Poivre, and danced at the Rooftop Bar of the Reata, and must say that city will ever be etched in my mind, but can I say with no equivocation that I would trade it for heaven? Only, I say, only, with it were eternally to include in my presence the divinely angelic Dominique Bouvier would I declare it so.

There were doubts when offered officially the Global Wizard management position in Dallas-Fort Worth. The doubts were removed when I met Dominique Bouvier during my house-shopping visit and the corporation’s festive gala in downtown Dallas.

Our evening in Fort Worth would become an evening of events which my mind would forever remember, but not without sadness and tears.

With our twilight drive in Dominique’s Mercedes from downtown Dallas, through the freeway exchanges, through our cute and light conversation, drawing from each other those signs that potential lovers soulfully divine, we arrived at the delightful restaurant known as Saint-Emilion. In those few precious moments which became hours, it was there I believe our fates were sealed by the Gods of Love and Eternity. The ambience, the finest of red wine, our eyes at some point locked into lovers’ stares, and we knew, somehow, we knew the first chapter of our love story was being written and fatefully sealed.

Then, there came the Reata rooftop dancing, our bodies no matter the music’s tempo wondrously joined, experiencing the inner waves of erogenous pleasures, feeling ourselves being borne to the very pinnacle of love. How did I know? How did I not know? It was the very best evening of my thirty-two years on planet earth, and I needed no compass for where my heart and soul were heading. This magical evening was indeed happening to me. Could that be? So fast? So deliriously fast?

Fort Worth became not a place for me but a satellite of Eros, the end-spot of my romantic searching for a soulmate. It would become my favorite city in the world…until…

Until Dominique parked her car in the visitor’s lot of my apartment complex, Majestic Suites…

Until we dreamily walked slowly across the cobblestone space in my apartment parking area…

Until Dominique’s body suddenly sagged in my right arm and became limp and heavy…

Until the weight on my arm forced me to lower her to the cobblestone…

Until my heart stopped briefly in shock and despair…

Until the brutal and sharp reality of death plunged deep into my heart…

I numbly sat on the lumpy cobblestone and lowered Dominique to my lap. The faint light from spaced lamp-posts showed the blood spreading over the front of her pale blue evening gown. Frantic, feeling for a pulse but finding none, I lifted my bloody hand to the heavens, howled insanely and loudly at the moon and stars.

Time passed through prisms of color, gray, black, soft blue, merging, hammering me with a reality I could, would not accept. Tears flowed from an unknown reservoir to mix with the blood of Dominique. I rocked her as with a child and was so absorbed by the utter blackness of my instant grief. I found my love only to have the scourge of fate take her from me. Why, God? Why? In so short a time you take from me what my heart has sought all my life.

At some point I became aware of four people and a cop standing above me. I sat there on parking lot holding Dominique in my lap, my face smeared with her blood and the cobble’s dirt. Apparently, I impeded the parking efforts of the people coming home to their apartments. They saw me there unmindful, filled with grief, and cell-phoned the police.

For six and one-half hours, I lived my lifetime of love, and, as crazy as anyone wanted to make me, I would never love again.

That came to me in the moonlight and lamplight of death’s evil night.

[End of Snippet]

Okay, it’s only a ‘Snippet’, but I hope you read the entire book…

Here’s what a favorite author friend of mine said about Dominique with his 5-Star Amazon Review:


Jay Squires

​5.0 out of 5 stars

The Ending That Sneaks Up on You

March 20, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Oh my God! It’s over. I’ve been reading this most remarkable book, knowing in my heart that all good things must end, but hoping this could be an exception. I’ve been having so much fun with the characters as they explore all the avenues of love while embroiled in the midst of a who’s-gonna-be-next murder mystery that could forever sever their romantic exploration.

Pulled this way by tension, that way by tenderness, I can be forgiven for not seeing the ending sneak up on me. Once it washed over me and I could think again, I can easily say that Dominique is the finest Romantic Mystery book I’ve read in recent memory.


There is a Universal Amazon Link for the Purchase of Dominique: Of course, you readers determine the quality of a book… Please, read Dominique and leave a book review on Amazon, Good Reads, Book Clubs’ Reviews, and other outlets. Obviously, of course, reviews mean a lot to authors, and we appreciate the effort. Book Reviews keep us writing… Thanks so much.

BR Chitwood – Author – September 3 ‘20



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